Discover our customers sharing the remarkable difference that RAWKANVAS has made to their skin.

RAWKANVAS is award-winning, natural, vegan and cruelty-free skincare for sensitive skin, handcrafted in small batches in Australia. We understand that different skin types need different care. We provide nourishing, natural and soothing products designed for all skin types including sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, combination skin and mature skin. 

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RAWKANVAS natural, vegan, cruelty-free skincare


Most of the time when I put on makeup I expect to have some sort of transformation into a total babe. And then, that doesn’t happen. There are two reasons why. 1. I suck at doing makeup 2. My skin was in such terrible shape. So today one of those issues had been resolved and it’s not my makeup skills! Thanks to RAWKANVAS my skin is looking amazing and I’m actually happy with how my makeup is sitting. I do feel confident in my skin!

RAWKANVAS natural, vegan, cruelty-free skincare


I suffer from dermatitis & eczema, my daughter does to, I use this lotion on my body every night before I go to bed after my shower paired with the remedy oil. I have found my breakouts to be at bay, my skin soft and silky! My daughters skin is also the same. I have also found it helped with my skin as I lost weight helped to minimise sagging and my stretch marks, my scars have also benefited I cannot thank rawkanvas enough for making amazing products I'll forever use! I recommend endlessly love love love!!!!

RAWKANVAS natural, vegan, cruelty-free skincare


I have been using these two products every single morning since receiving them last week and the difference it’s made to my face from then to now is seriously a miracle! The Epiphany eye roller has reduced the dark circles that were hanging around my tired eyes majorly 👀 and The Limelight which is the brightening probiotic lotion has restored and rehydrated my face giving me that flawless finish all while preventing any further breakouts.😌🙌🏽

RAWKANVAS natural, vegan, cruelty-free skincare


Does anyone want to guess my favourite skin care brand? It's the most beautiful range. I've honestly never been happier with my skin. January has been full on for me! My biggest baby starting school and my littlest starting kindy. Throw in a puppy to the mix and i am exxxxxxhausted! This serum is magic. Within a few minutes of applying my eyes looked brighter and I didn't look half as tired as i feel! This is a must have!

RAWKANVAS natural, vegan, cruelty-free skincare


I’ve been using rawkanvas for about two months now and wow! I have never used such a natural skin care product before, because I’ve always thought I had to attack my skin with harsh chemicals and lots of scrubbing! These products are so gentle and calming and I’m in love. The purified cleanser and polished refining exfoliant are my favourite combination! My skin is always left feeling so smooth, without feeling like I’ve scraped sandpaper all over my face 😂 aside from some hormonal breakouts, rawkanvas has really helped me take control of my skin!

RAWKANVAS natural, vegan, cruelty-free skincare


When I first got engaged one of my first things I thought about was how I was going to make sure I had absolutely perfect skin for our wedding! I looked at lots of clinics and had consults for skincare packages but none offered a natural skincare range and I definitely prefer to use natural products on my skin🍃! I was about to sign up for a skincare plan using the products recommended (it was really pricy but thought meh it’ll be worth it)... but then I found rawkanvas and the branding instantly stood out to me plus they were all natural products and cruelty free so I instantly wanted to try them! After two months of using rawkanvas my skin has never been better. I’ve never had “bad” skin or acne but I’ve definitely had a rough texture, oily t zone and uneven skin tone... I have none of this anymore and my skin confidence is through the roof which I didn’t actually realise could boost my whole confidence. I don’t wear much makeup but I love knowing that my skin looks so clean, fresh and smooth when I’m fresh faced😍 thanks rawkanvas for getting this bride to be wedding ready, your products are insane!

RAWKANVAS natural, vegan, cruelty-free skincare


My skincare regime was always a massive issue for me because of my outbreaks and sensitivity. Changing to rawkanvas was one of the Best decisions I made, my skin is so much healthier. 💮 If you can afford to go natural it's so Worth it💮

RAWKANVAS natural, vegan, cruelty-free skincare


I have had an incredible experience with a brand called rawkanvas . I purchased the retinol and vitamin C cream on the left and was kindly sponsored with the gorgeous oil on the right. I am MEGA impressed with these. I saw immediate improvement in skin tone and clarity when I tried The Foundation retinol and vitamin C cream. My skin is loving this. Having both of these actives in 1 made me a little sceptical that it would be harsh, being a 100% natural derivative and vegan I was sceptical it wouldn't work. How wrong I was. It is absolutely stunning. Just stunning 👌 my skin becomes so clear using this that I put it way above most chemical brand treatments, plus this has BOTH retinol and vitamin C. The oil is divine. I switched from my usual oil and the results were equally as impressive. A deep rich oil that is chock full of Camelia, shea, rosehip, jojoba, buckthorn AND has coq10. This delivers incredibly. I am off the cream moisturizers and officially an oil addict. The coq10 should be an ingredient common to many, being an incredible anti aging ingredient

The design and scent in these products is gorgeous as well. I have these in permanent daily rotation. They are that good. I am definitely seeing beautiful results on my 42 year old skin. These work. 

RAWKANVAS natural, vegan, cruelty-free skincare


Yep... I’m kissing the bottle... Why? Because I love it - I love this stuff,’s my best friend... it takes my makeup off with purely my fingertips and water... my skin feels more even, more clarified and more hydrated... I don’t know what I did without you rawkanvas !

RAWKANVAS natural, vegan, cruelty-free skincare


I have been using the refined mask and I have to say this is the best face mask I have ever used!! I have really acne prone skin and the mask is so great at getting rid of those stubborn blackheads! The sol moisturiser is seriously the most beautiful light weight moisturisers ever!! I would recommend rawkanvas to anyone and everyone 🙌🙌

RAWKANVAS natural, vegan, cruelty-free skincare


RAWKANVAS has transformed my skin! I went from having problematic skin that would constantly breakout (and trying everything to fix it) to having the best skin I have ever had, with NO breakouts! I recommend their products to everyone and have many friends and family also using and absolutely loving the range.

RAWKANVAS natural, vegan, cruelty-free skincare


Every day is like a spa day when you have good quality, natural #vegan skin care products. Pregnancy has been a roller coaster on my skin! Hormonal, dry, blotchy, oily, itchy... you name it. 😞. I had to stop using my retinol rawkanvas creme when I became pregnant so now I am using purified cleanser & luna vitality night creme and they have made such a difference. Love that they are all #natural & completely #crueltyfree! 💕🙏🏽🌱.