Shipping Protection Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions describe the Shipping Protection that the Buyer can purchase when purchasing from RAWKANVAS. 

Coverage Conditions: This Shipping Protection covers packages that are lost, broken, or stolen during transit to the Buyer's nominated address.

Lost - Should your item be declared lost by our delivery partners, we will replace or refund your order.

Broken – Should your item/s be damaged while in the possession of our delivery partners we will replace the broken items. Please note, once the package has been delivered, the coverage expires.

Stolen - Should your package be stolen while in the possession of our delivery partners we will replace your order. Please note, once the item is delivered to your address the coverage ends. 


The following situations are excluded from the Shipping Protection:

  • Damage caused intentionally or due to gross negligence of the Buyer.
  •   Undelivered packages due to an incorrect or insufficient address. We will ship to the address that is provided by the customer and have no means to verify if an address is correct. If your order is returned to us due to an incorrect or insufficient address, you will be contacted by our Customer Care team to organise re-delivery.
  • Delayed or late deliveries. We cannot guarantee delivery by any given date. Due to factors outside of our control, including weather or seasonal disruptions, delayed deliveries do not qualify as a valid claim.

Coverage Amount: The maximum coverage amount of the Shipping Protection is $300. This amount represents the maximum value of the package, including shipping costs.

What if something happens to my package and I have not opted-in?

We will support you to seek any compensation available from our delivery partners, but we cannot guarantee that the claim will be successful, nor can we guarantee how much compensation will be granted.

Claims Procedure:

In case of damage, loss, or theft of the package, the Buyer must report this to RAWKANVAS as soon as possible, but no later than 7 days after discovery.

The notification must include the following information:

  • Order number
  • Proof of address provided on the order
  • Description of the damage, loss, or theft

For breakage:

  • Photo of the package with the visible shipping label
  • Photos of the damage to the contents of the package

For loss:

  • Proof (via an enquiry number) from Australia Post that an enquiry was submitted indicating that the package was not received

For theft:

  • Police report number to indicate a Police Report was submitted for mail theft from the Buyer's address nominated during the purchase

Compensation: If RAWKANVAS accepts the damage claim, RAWKANVAS will resend the Buyer the replacement within 7 days of receiving all the necessary documentation. The compensation will not exceed the amount of the incurred damage, loss, or theft. Mediation and insurance fees are not covered by the Shipping Protection.

Term: This Shipping Protection is valid for the duration of a single shipment of the package from RAWKANVAS to the Buyer. The policy automatically expires upon receipt of the compensation or rejection of the damage claim.

Applicable Law: Australia law applies to this policy.

Agreement: By purchasing the Shipping Protection at the time of checkout for the shipment, the Buyers declares agreement with the terms and conditions set forth.