How to deal with the ‘not-so-great’ skin days

Let’s face it, we all have those ‘off’ days, the ‘not-so-great’ skin days, where we aren’t feeling as confident as we would like in our skin.  

But what does ‘off’ skin mean to you? For some of us it’s redness, for others it’s breakouts, dryness, dullness, a reaction, a flare up of an existing skin condition... the list goes on. Whatever your definition of ‘off’ skin is, remember that it is totally NORMAL to experience ‘off’ days (especially when you consider lifestyle, diet and hormonal changes). 

So how do you deal with the not-so-great days and get your skin back on track? We’ve got a few quick tips for you! 
Focus on the good and run with it! 

Be kind to yourself, be your own cheerleader and find something you love about yourself to focus on! Whether that’s to do with your appearance, personality, accomplishments... there’s a lot to love about yourself any day of the week. 
Keep the stress down 

We know, this one’s easier said than done – but did you know that an increase in oil production can occur when your stress levels are high? This is caused by the stress hormone cortisol, leading to oilier skin, congestion and subsequently, breakouts. Try adding some stress management techniques to your wake-up or night-time routine like yoga, breathwork or meditation... it’s key to keep your body and your mind feeling relaxed. 
Keep it basic – in a good way 

Don’t flood your routine with an overload of products and remember (as tempting as it can be) that ‘off’ skin days are not the time to introduce any newbies to your skin routine. Stay away from actives (think vitamin C, acids, and exfoliants) and keep it minimal. Choose products with soothing, calming ingredients that won’t disrupt your skin barrier like our Clarity: Nourishing Dual-Phase Cleanser, a beautiful milky oil cleanser that will leave your skin feeling replenished and nourished. Pop our Harmony: Radiance Boosting Toner followed by The Limelight Brightening Probiotic Lotion for a minimal routine to help your skin feel refreshed, balanced, and hydrated. 
Skip makeup 

We get it, it’s tempting to reach for your powder or foundation when you feel your skin isn’t looking its best, but sometimes this can add to irritation or breakouts. Keep things matte with a light, hydrating moisturiser (Sol: Hydrating Gel Moisturiser) and use a concealer (at most) to spot conceal any areas that you feel might need a little pick-me-up instead. 
Get more of the good stuff 

…and finally, the things we all could do with more of.  

More sleep - your body (including your skin) restores and recovers while you sleep, so aim for between 7-9 hours per night.  

Up your water intake to keep your body and skin hydrated, help flush out toxins and replenish skin tissue.  

Make time for exercise, even if it’s a quick walk in the sunshine (don’t forget the SPF!). Exercise not only helps to improve mood by releasing endorphins (the happy hormone) but it also improves circulation, helping to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the skin, promoting new skin cells. 
Remember to be patient and stay confident! It can take time for your skin to get back on a more even keel but remember, ‘off’ days come and go, and we all experience the not-so-good days... it’s just a matter of looking after yourself!