5 easy ways to level-up your skincare routine

When it comes to skincare, it doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming to yield impressive results. In fact, some of the most effective ways to level-up your skincare routine can be effortlessly integrated into your daily life. Here's 5 easy ways to enhance your skincare routine, setting you on the path to complete confidence.


Use the right products for your skin type

One product might work magic for some, but not for others. That's because not all skin is created equal. So get to know your skin type so you can save yourself precious time, energy and money... and most importantly, yield results! Get to know your skin type, define your skin goals, and find products that tick both boxes. The result? The result of your skin will speak for itself! You can get to know your skin type here.


Apply products to moist skin

Drastically increase your products' effectiveness with just one simple trick - apply your skincare to moistened skin. "Moistened skin?", you ask... Well, when your skin is moistened it’s both hydrated and more permeable than dry skin. Think of it like a sponge… by moistening your skin before applying your product, your skin is best prepared to absorb your product thereby increasing your products’ effectiveness. Simply spritz toner or a hydrating mist to your skin, apply your skincare product, then wait 60 seconds to allow your skin to dry. Rinse and repeat throughout your skincare routine. So easy, yet so good. The only rule: don't moisten before a face mask (unless specified to!). Get to know more about the topic here.


Add antioxidants into your beauty bar

Antioxidants are your skin's best friends when it comes to combating free radicals and environmental damage. Adopt products with antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E into your routine. These powerful ingredients help protect your skin from oxidative stress and can brighten your complexion. Just apply a serum or moisturiser containing antioxidants after cleansing and before moisturising. Too easy!


Stay consistent, no matter how busy life gets

We all know that we can't just go to the gym once a week and expect results. Ideally, we need to be moving (to some degree), every day. The same goes for your skincare routine. Consistency is the key to results. Because your skin requires time to adapt and respond to the products you use, allowing their active ingredients to work their magic. A retinol product, for example, can take between four weeks to six months to work. Get to know how long the most common skincare ingredients take to work, here. By consistently following your skincare routine, you provide your skin with the nourishment it needs, and the opportunity to build results. You can get to know more about skincare and consistency here, too.


Form healthy habits

While amazing, skincare can only work at the skin. So, if you’re doing everything right with your skincare routine yet still facing tired-looking and problematic skin, try looking at the bigger picture. Are there some lifestyle adjustments you could make? How’s your stress levels? What are you eating? Are you exercising enough? You know how it goes...

Find ways to relieve stress with activities you enjoy, switching off, creating boundaries, exercising regularly, eating well, meditating, mindfulness, breathing exercises... the list goes on! Do what works for you, and stick with it. Did you know that the best source of antioxidants, is from fruit and vegetables? The more colourful the better, so make sure you're getting plenty!


So what do you think? Pretty easy right? Remember, it's the small, consistent efforts that lead to lasting confidence in your skin. Use the right skincare for your skin type, apply to moistened skin, look for antioxidants, stay consistent, and embrace holistic health. Here's to your confidence, naturally.