Have you heard about RAWLAB?

You can make your mark in our innovation process by joining our creative hub RAWLAB - our in-house commitment to unique products. 

We want the RAWFAM to partake in the creative conception of your favourite RAWKANVAS products.

Our products are conceptualised by us at our HQ, so we thought why not give YOU the opportunity to tell us what YOU want us to create. Whether it's a new product, a scent, or anything else, we'd love for you to have your say.

Here's to your confidence, naturally.



RAWKANVAS products are conceptualised by us at our HQ for YOU, our customer. This gives us the ability to ask YOU to have your say about what product, or service, you'd like us to innovate next.

This means that we stand behind and absolutely guarantee that the products we design, create and ship out to customers feature innovative, high quality natural ingredients.

Add your personal creative touch to the next RAWKANVAS product or service, bring it to life and produce it.


From an idea late at night, to researching, designing, developing, testing, manufacturing and finally launching a finished product sent out to our customers, we take pride in finding new and innovative ingredients, that are not only high-quality and one of a kind, they're as backed by science and beneficial for your skin.

Curious about our design and manufacturing process? Here's a step-by-step insight into how your favourite RAWKANVAS product starts from an idea in our minds to your bathroom vanity.

1. IDEA: Our creative team are passionate about researching and finding ingredients to utilise in our upcoming products.

2. TEAM DISCUSSION: Once we have explored a range of ingredients we want to formulate with, as a team we discuss the the scent, texture, colour and even packaging we want to utilise. This stage can take us 1 month.

3. DEVELOPMENT: Our team of creative chemists use these new ingredients to formulate numerous rounds of samples with different scents, textures and colours to allow us to decide on which sample best fits our vision for the product. This stage can take our team 3 months.

4. PATCH TESTING: Before we create samples for our consumers to trial, we conduct in-house product testing to ensure the products are gentle and work on different skin types.

5. PACKAGING: We search far and wide to source packaging that is not only sustainable but also high quality, easy to use and durable. This is no easy feat!

6. CONSUMER TESTING: We go through numerous rounds of samples in different packaging and send them out to our team and our customers to trial and provide feedback on. During the consumer testing phase we take feedback and work to improve the product until we know it will not only have benefits for your skin, but also make for a delightful moment of YOU time and has the ideal packaging. This stage can take our team 6 months.

7. PRODUCTION AND REGULATION: We conduct safety and regulatory during production to ensure that the products being manufactured are of the highest, most exceptional efficacy and a product we’re proud to send out to our customers. This can take us 2 weeks as we ensure the products are of the highest quality before sending them out to our customers.

8. CONSUMER LAUNCH: After a minimum of 10 months, and if we're honest, it's 12 months, we're ready to launch the new RAWKANVAS product to our customers for the most important part of it all, seeing the reviews, experiences and moments of self care.



RAWLAB provides YOU, our customer, an opportunity to have YOUR say about the products you want us to create and innovate. Whether it's a completely new product, a scent, a particular ingredient you want, or anything else, reach out and let us know!