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How to introduce a new product into your skincare routine

Did you know that there’s a right way to introduce a new skincare product into your routine?! That’s because when introducing a new product, it’s quite common for us to experience the likes of skin purging or a skin sensitivity. And while one is signalling that a product is working for you, the latter is signalling that a product might not be the best fit for you – making it really important to be able to tell which experience you’re having! Cue: The ‘ease in’ and ‘one product’ methods of course. 

We take a closer look at these methods so you can implement your new skincare product properly to understand your skins response and get the most out of your new skincare routine. 

The 'ease in’ method 

Best for: Skin cell renewal products 

The ease in method allows your skin to gradually adjust to a new product and its ingredients. Particularly good for products that are beneficially designed to increase the skin cell renewal process, this method simply introduces one new product to your skincare routine gradually so that you can potentially lessen the effects of ‘skin purging’. 

In practice: As an example, you may wish to introduce a retinol-based product such as The Foundation: Flawless Retinol & Vitamin C Lotion into your routine with two applications in the first week, three applications in the second week, and so on, until you’re comfortable with frequent use. 

Products: This method is recommended for - 


The ‘one product’ method 

Best for: Sensitive skin types 

The one product method allows you to test your skins responsiveness to a new product. Particularly good for sensitive skin types, this method simply introduces one new product into your routine at a time as opposed to skincare layering with more than one new product. This way, you can identify and isolate both a product and its ingredients should you show signs of sensitivity.  

In practice: Follow this method by introducing one new product into your routine each 2-3 days to test your skins response. If there’s no sensitivity, introduce the next product. If there’s sensitivity, discontinue use of the product, take note of the ingredients list and seek some advice on where to go from here. 

Products: This method is recommended for all new products. 


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