Laura Henshaw for RAWKANVAS

Your Sunday Reset Routine

How’s life feeling? If it’s busy, we’re with you! That’s why we LOVE a Sunday reset routine. A chance for me time, to start the week feeling mentally, emotionally and physically refreshed. Really the aim of the Sunday reset wellness trend is to spend a day doing everything that will make you feel relaxed and confident to step into the coming week. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family, catch up on sleep, indulge in self-care and check in on yourself. 

So, if life is feeling busy and you’re experiencing the dreaded Sunday anxiety – then this one is for you! Spark inspiration to create your own heavenly Sunday, with our own Sunday reset routine. 

There’s no better way to boost your endorphins than to get outside for some exercise. Exercising is a known stress reliever and getting outside into nature on a beautiful Sunday is sure to soothe the soul! This shouldn’t be a daunting task, listen to your body. Exercising outside might just be a light walk to the markets with a friend, a stroll with a coffee or a trip to the beach – bliss. 

Like most of us, your body is probably feeling it after a big week! So, it's good to stretch out those tight muscles and improve your mobility. After wrapping up your outside exercise, stretch out last week's tension with a quick 10-minute stretching routine. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try yoga? A simple beginners yoga search on YouTube and you’ll be feeling revived in no time. 
Refresh your skin 

Lives get busy throughout the week – we're with you on this! That’s why a Sunday reset makes for the perfect day to focus on yourself. Take the time to pamper and completely refresh your body’s largest organ (your skin!). You finally have some time to shave, exfoliate, face mask, moisturise, lather in body oil, apply a hair mask and give yourself a facial massage – the whole LOT! 

Make the most of this self-care time with our routine for bright, healthy-looking skin: 
Step 1. Massage a nourishing oil cleanser all over your face. 
We use – Clarity: Nourishing Dual-Phase Cleanser 

Step 2. Double cleanse with a water-based cleanser to really clear out your pores. 
We use – Purified: Purifying Cleanser 
Step 3. Exfoliate to clear away dead skin cells and brighten dull skin. 
We use – Polished: Refining Exfoliant 

Step 4. Pop on a clay mask to clarify your complexion and really up your glow too. 
We use – Refined: Clarifying Red Wine Mask 

Step 5. Spritz a hydrating toner. 
We use – Harmony: Radiance Boosting Toner 

Step 6. Press on your favourite goodness-packed serum. 
We use – Eternal: Plumping Deep Sea & Malachite Collagen Serum 
Step 7. Follow with a hydration-jammed moisturiser to replenish and hydrate the skin. 
We use – Luna Vitality: Restoring Moisture Cream 
Step 8. Massage in 3-5 drops of facial oil, using your hands or a crystal facial massager. 
We use – Yester Youth: Regenerating Facial Oil and Sculpt: Rose Quartz Facial Massager  

Make your favourite soul-soothing dish and leave extras for the start of the week – that's one less thing you’ll have to worry about on the dreaded Monday. If baking something sweet is more your style – awesome! Bake yourself some yummy treats for the week when you need a little pick-me-up! 

Is there anything more satisfying than clearing out your mind? Jot down all of the ideas circling in your brain so you can feel clear and organised. Journaling is a great method of planning – think to-do lists, weekly goals, calendar dates, habit tracking or whatever else your heart desires. It’s also a great time to check in with yourself – how you’re feeling currently, how you feel about the week that was, and how you want to tackle the upcoming week. 

It’s true, you probably don’t sleep enough on weeknights... and getting enough sleep is super important! That’s when our body regenerates itself. If you’re not getting enough sleep, give yourself permission to absolutely sleep in on the weekend! A Sunday reset doesn’t mean you have to wake up at 5am and rearrange your entire house – no, it’s your day to rest, move gently and set yourself up for the week ahead at your own pace.  
So, make it a self-care day, every Sunday! Spend the day boosting your happiness chemicals, filling your soul cup and doing whatever is beneficial to your mental, emotional and physical health. You’ll be more ready than ever to have a productive and positive week ahead!