RAWKANVAS The Limelight: Brightening Probiotic Lotion

Your holistic guide to glowing, healthy skin

When it comes to skin goals, glowing skin and healthy skin top most lists. Who wouldn’t want sun kissed, youthful and radiant-looking skin all year round? Or even-toned and blemish-free skin? Yep... radiant, even and blemish-free... it’s what we hear the most. And you can get it. You can get it easily! Just take a little more of a holistic approach to your skincare routine, and you can be well on your way. 

Here’s how. 
Get brighter skin 

1. Exfoliate 

One of the most important elements of creating a vibrant complexion is polishing away dull, flaky dead skin cells to reveal younger, brighter and smoother skin. Once your canvas is fresh, your serums and moisturisers can also work more effectively too! Check out Polished: Refining Exfoliant for a manual scrub or Canvas: AHA & BHA Resurfacing Treatment for a natural chemical peel. 

2. Hydrate 

Dehydrated skin is dull skin. So, make sure your thirsty skin is adequately hydrated to keep it looking plump, smooth and radiant. Check out any of our RAWKANVAS moisturisers for a dose of hyaluronic acid. Sol: Hydrating Gel Moisturiser is great for oily skin types, The Limelight: Brightening Probiotic Lotion is suitable for all skin types and Luna Vitality: Restoring Moisture Cream is great for dry and mature skin types. 

3. Use vitamin C 

Vitamin C is your greatest friend and soon-to-be brightening partner. It assists to brighten skin for a more radiant complexion, and even protect skin from damage caused by exposure to harmful UV rays. Vitamin C is one active ingredient that produces results right away. Check out Eternal: Plumping Deep Sea & Malachite Collagen Serum or The Foundation: Flawless Retinol & Vitamin C Lotion. 
Get healthier-looking skin 

1. Double cleanse 

Balanced, healthy skin really does start with your washing routine. Double cleansing is the most effective way to remove all traces of makeup, SPF, sebum, sweat and daily dirt build-up from your pores and skin. We recommend double cleansing with an oil-based cleanser, followed by a gel-based cleanser. Because oil absorbs oil (lifting the likes of makeup, SPF, sebum) whereas water (gel-based) works best for sweat and daily dirt. Check out Clarity: Nourishing Dual-Phase Cleanser and Purified: Purifying Cleanser. 

2. Keep your skin microbiome balanced 

Just like the gut, a balanced skin microbiome is essential to maintaining healthy skin. Use skincare probiotics that are formulated with probiotics to maintain a healthy skin barrier (among many other benefits!). Check out The Limelight: Brightening Probiotic Lotion. 

3. Use a retinol 

As retinol continuously works to bring young and healthy skin cells to the surface, it can assist to repair damage from the sun and environment. Check out The Foundation: Flawless Retinol & Vitamin C Lotion.

4. Use SPF 

UV rays are the primary cause of texture and discolouration changes experiences with skin maturity. One of the most effective ways to protect your skin from damage, and maintain a healthy skin barrier, is to wear SPF daily (even if you’re inside – that glare, it’ll get you!). Find a safe, mineral-based sunscreen. 
Embrace a holistic approach 
While amazing, skincare can only work at the skin. So, if you’re doing everything right with your skincare routine yet still facing tired-looking and problematic skin, try looking at the bigger picture. Are there some lifestyle adjustments you could make? How’s your stress levels? What are you eating? Are you exercising enough? You know how it goes...

1. Relieve stress 

Stress is the new smoking, as they say. And it’s time we put this cigarette out. When it comes to the skin, stress can increase inflammation, decrease blood flow and delay skin healing. We’re looking at inflamed, dull, tired skin with poor cell turnover and prolonged breakouts. Reduce stress and make time to relax by finding activities you enjoy, switching off, creating boundaries, exercising regularly, eating well, meditating, journaling, mindfulness, breathing exercises or yoga... the list literally goes on! Do what works for you. And most importantly – stick with it! 

2. Eat antioxidant-rich foods 

The more colourful, the better! Fruits and vegetables are considered the best sources of antioxidants. Some antioxidant-packed foods to incorporate into your diet include kale, blueberries, spinach and dark chocolate. Research antioxidant foods and make sure you’re getting plenty! 
Keep in mind, glowing and healthy skin doesn’t mean perfect. We’re all on our own skin journeys and we’re wishing you your dream skin! Need any other advice? Reach out to us info@rawkanvas.com