Image of RAWKANVAS Sol: Hydrating Gel Moisturiser and Epiphany: Firming Caffeine Eye Serum

Your guide to spring skincare

There’s nothing quite like the warm change in the air that comes with spring. We clean out our closets, swap hearty meals for lighter foods, peel off the extra layers of clothing and ditch our makeup in favour of days frolicking carefree in the sunshine. So it’s only natural that spring sees us change up our skincare routine too! Check out our simple skincare tips to feel more comfortable, liberated and confident this spring.  

Lighten up your moisturiser

This one’s easy! Swap out your buttery and oily moisturisers for something a little lighter. Our skin tends to hold more water in the warmer months so a lighter moisturiser such as a hyaluronic acid or water-based formula is perfect. Bonus points if the formula also includes ingredients to protect against environmental aggressors and daily damage too!

Not only will these options feel lighter, but by leaving the heavier butters and oils aside your skin will also be able to breathe better in the heat.

We recommend:


Polish your base

It’s inevitable that during the warmer months your skin will also experience heat dryness. Keep build-up, congestion and dead skin cells at bay with a gentle exfoliant as part of your ongoing routine. Whether you like to polish yourself or leave it up to a treatment, we recommend:


Protect the skin you’re in

Ideally, we’re protecting our skin every day of the year! But in the warmer months, it’s even more important. As the last step in your AM skincare routine, make sure you pop on a good sunscreen with a high SPF – because the best cure (for peeling, redness, sun spots, pigmentation, accelerated skin maturity) is prevention, right?!

Save the layering and treatments for your PM routine

Keep your AM routine simple – we want to cleanse, hydrate and protect.

When you’re out of the heat and away from environmental aggressors, your PM routine can be about restoring, repairing and nourishing. So, this is where your skincare layering of targeted and heavier treatments can come into play – e.g. your masks, serums, buttery and oily moisturisers, and facial oils too.

We recommend looking at:

Spring clean your beauty bar

Is there any better feeling than a spring clean?! Just as you do your closet, kitchen and whatnot, you can also clean up your beauty bar products too – because old products (RAWKANVAS or not) can host a build-up of bacteria which can impact the overall health of your skin (contributing to clogged pores, dullness). We use natural preservatives to keep our products in their freshest and most active form – but if they’ve been open for more than six months, it’s time to restock these!

While we have you on this - Our products have a shelf life of 18 months when unopened, six months once opened. We recommend storing your products out of direct sunlight, away from humidity/moisture and below 30 degrees celsius.