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Your guide to creating an at-home skincare salon experience

Who doesn’t love a good skin pampering appointment?! High-quality products, beautiful scents and the cool sensation of skincare gliding onto your skin... yep, that’s what it’s all about! 

But what if you, like so many of us, just don’t have the time or money to spend at the salon? We have the solution – treat yourself to your own at-home appointment! We’ve got the high-quality and aromatic products ready, you just need to pop your skincare into the fridge, get your headband out, hit play on some relaxing music and choose a facial from our menu. 

Welcome, to your at-home salon. 
Before your appointment 

Cool your skincare in the fridge to create that lovely, cooling sensation. Prepare your salon for the ultimate relaxation vibes by lighting a scented candle or turning on a diffuser, playing some relaxing music and fastening your hair back with a tie and headband. Pour a warm bowl of water and grab a small face washer, cotton cleansing cloth or reusable makeup pad. Place any beauty sculpting tools onto a fresh face washer or towel, ready for later. Then pop your devices away to really zone out! 

Whether your skin goal is to feel brighter, smoother or clearer, choose from one of our signature facials below. 
Brighten me up 

Feel confidently soothed, brighter and younger-looking with the brighten me up facial, centered around Luminosity: Brightening Probiotic Mask which is a fast-drying, soothing probiotic mask. 

Clarify my canvas 

Feel confidently clarified, smooth and plump with the clarify my canvas facial, centered around Canvas: Resurfacing AHA & BHA Treatment which is a fast-drying chemical peel treatment. 

Clear me up 

Feel confidently buffed, clearer and refined with the clear me up facial, centered around Refined: Clarifying Red Wine Mask which is a self-heating clay mask that’ll leave you feeling like you’ve had a microdermabrasion! 

The do it yourself 

Prefer to pamper with your own self-curated routine? Just be sure to skincare layer (apply products) in the following order: 

  • Cleanser 
  • Exfoliator 
  • Mask 
  • Toner 
  • Serum 
  • Eye treatment 
  • Moisturiser 
  • Facial treatment 
  • Facial oil 
  • Lip care 
  • Décolletage Lotion 

Massage and sculpt 

Finish your facial with a beauty tool that sculpts, de-puffs and promotes circulation to enhance your natural face shape.  
Treatment tips 

  • Follow the order of products provided in the menu, or, the skincare layering routine 
  • Always allow a product 60 seconds to dry before applying the next product. This allows the product to penetrate into the skin best, while avoiding skin pilling. This goes for all products applied after a toner (e.g. serum, treatment, moisturiser) 
  • Increase your products’ effectiveness by misting before application. This goes for the likes of a serum, treatment or moisturiser. For example, once a product has dried for 60 seconds, lightly mist your face and then immediately apply your next product, such as a serum, treatment or moisturiser, then wait 60 seconds for these to dry. Repeat until you’ve finished your routine

Not only will your at-home facial leave you looking great and feeling relaxed, but did you know, that spending time and effort on your skincare routine also promotes dopamine? Voila! This is called dopamine beauty. The act of self-care actually boosts your dopamine and in turn, your happiness! In fact, recent studies show, dopamine has been found to increase skin micro-circulation and improve appearance. It was found to not only evoke positive emotion but also
light up the skins’ complexion and enhance its feeling of comfort and well-being.  

Now, just to book that appointment in with myself!