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Why you need to start your skincare routine with oil cleansing

The first step in any good skincare routine, is cleansing. A good cleanse not only removes the likes of makeup, SPF, sebum, pollution, sweat and daily dirt, but also assists to combat breakouts while preparing your skin to effectively absorb the next products in your routine. Super important! But did you know there’s a thing known as double cleansing? It all starts with an oil cleanser... 
What’s double cleansing? 

Double cleansing is the most effective way to a clear canvas. The first step uses an oil-based cleanser to draw out oil-based impurities (because oil absorbs oil) such as makeup, SPF, sebum and pollutants, while the second step uses a water-based cleanser to effectively clean water-based debris such as sweat and dirt. 

Together, they effectively clear all types of impurities from your skin. Once you start double cleansing, you won’t go back! 
The benefits of oil cleansing 

A typical water-based cleanser is designed to clear away water-based debris such as sweat and daily dirt – unfortunately leaving other impurities unaccounted for. If your skin isn’t totally clean then your serums, moisturisers and treatments will have a hard time working their magic for you! 

Unlike water-based cleansers, cleansing oils use oil to absorb oil, picking up the unaccounted-for impurities such as makeup, SPF, sebum and pollutants. But it gets even better because cleansing oils contain hydrating and soothing ingredients, making them less irritating too! And this is really important because, if you’re not using a hydrating and soothing cleanser, you can unknowingly upset the balance of your skin, strip skin, dry it out or cause it to overproduce sebum which can lead to congestion and breakouts. 

Oil cleansing is used to: 

  • Effectively remove makeup, SPF, sebum and pollutants 
  • Unclog glands and congestion to assist with blackheads and breakouts 
  • Balance oily skin 
  • Reduce inflammation 
  • Nourish dry skin 

Which skin types can benefit? 

Oil cleansing is balancing and supportive for ALL skin types. 

Oily skin: Yes – even OILY skin! Through its nourishing ingredients, an oil cleanser can effectively combat overproduction of oil. 

Dry skin: When it comes to dry skin, oil cleansing is known to help improve the skin’s barrier function and keep moisture locked which supports hydrated skin. Gone are the days of worrying that you’re over-washing and drying out your face – because oil cleansers are formulated to be extremely gentle on the skin and they don’t strip your skin of lipids and ceramides that are essential to keeping your skin balanced and healthy too. 
Clarity: Nourishing Dual-Phase Cleanser 

Clarity is our gentle oil and water-based cleanser that not only leaves your skin clean, but replenished and nourished too – all without the heavy, greasy residue of a typical oil cleanser. 

Our award-winning 2-in-1 dual-phase formula is designed to: 

  • gently remove light makeup, SPF, excess sebum, pollutants, sweat and daily dirt, as the first step in your double cleansing routine, without leaving skin feeling tight or dry 
  • nourish the complexion with a rich source of essential fatty acids for a glowing, vibrant base 
  • soothe the appearance of redness and irritation 
  • combat the effects of oxidative stress (fine lines, redness, inflammation) 
  • balance oily skin by assisting to reduce excess oil production 
  • improve the skin's barrier function and keep moisture locked in for healthy, hydrated skin 
  • protect the skin's natural lipid layer for softer, more elastic skin 

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How to double cleanse 

It’s really simple! Just apply an oil cleanser to dry skin, this will allow it to break down makeup, SPF, sebum and pollutants. Massage the cleanser into your dry face for a minute before adding water to continue massaging. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Move onto your second (water-based) cleanser and wash as normal. 


And there you have it! Double cleanse with an oil cleanser for your clearest, yet most nourishing, cleansing experience yet. Not only will your skin look and feel great, but your overall skincare routine will benefit too. And it’s really so easy!