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Ways to make your beauty routine more sustainable

Plump skin or low-waste beauty? It doesn’t have to be one or the other anymore…and now, more than ever, people that are on the hunt for their perfect skincare are also looking for ways to make their daily routine more eco-friendly. And rightly so!

If you’ve been wanting to make some changes to your own routine, we have six simple tips to help you easily make your routine more sustainable.

Switch to reusable makeup wipes and cleansing pads

Save the sewer blockages (and landfill, and beaches, and marine life)! Facial wipes and cotton pads have become a huge source of beauty waste due to their single-use nature. Find a more eco-friendly option such as a reusable pad to remove your makeup and cleanse your face. With gentle washing to keep bacteria at bay, some wipes can be reused hundreds of times! So for every one pad, you can literally save hundreds of single-use pads.

Check out: Pure: Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Recycle in the bathroom

It’s pretty easy to pickup the leftover toilet rolls, shampoo bottles and what-have-you from the bathroom and throw them straight into the household bin – adding tonnes of recyclable products to landfill each year. Instead, keep a recycling bin in the bathroom or consciously remember to add these items into the recycling.

Upcycle at home

Give your packaging a new life at home by getting a little creative! Clean your packaging, dry it in the sun and create vase, a candle holder, an incense holder or store some spices. Whatever you desire!

Look for sustainable packaging

We’re not going to fearmonger you with a staggering statistic on the billions of packaging units produced within the beauty industry each year – I think we all know, it’s a lot! So, if your product is recyclable and wrapped it recyclable materials – great! If it comes in plastics and plastic wrap, see if you can find a more eco-friendly option – there are now many beauty brands from makeup, hair care and skincare that are working to limit waste.

Look for refillables

From household cleaning products (we know, this is a little outside the beauty realm, but we couldn't help ourselves!), deodorant and even makeup – you can look for refillable products that will limit your overall packaging consumption. (Read on for our take on refillables in skincare).

Support circular packaging programs

Many beauty and household brands are now running circular packaging programs that not only recycle product packaging, but give it a new life time and time again. While you may have to add a little extra effort to your day by posting your recyclables, it’s a great initiative to get behind and it’s for the greater good!

Discover sustainability at RAWKANVAS

At RAWKANVAS all of our skincare products are proudly offered in beautiful recyclable glass packaging that is housed in recycled paper boxes. Our products are then sent in recycled paper boxes that are also filled with compostable starch fill too. The starch fill can be safely rinsed right down your sink and it’s fun to watch this evaporate into thin air (even more fun if you have a young one!). Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

We also offer RAWYCLE, our in-house commitment to sustainability. RAWCYCLE is an incentivised circular packaging program that gives packaging a new life, time and time again. Learn more about how you can partake in RAWCYCLE.

In line with hygiene and providing the highest-quality product possible, we provide our skincare prefilled and ready for immediate use – this limits the product to air exposure, bacteria and growths that can occur from handling and inserting refills (unless you're a surgeon-status disinfect-or!). We recommend taking up refill options with the likes of household cleaning products, deodorant and makeup.

This is only the start. Now get back out there and enjoy the many ways that allow you to become more sustainable!