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Three steps to even skin

Who doesn’t want perfectly even skin?! With everything from hormones, age, lifestyle, pollution and sun exposure responsible for the blotchiness, spots and texture that go hand-in-hand with an uneven skin tone, it’s no wonder there’s so many of us searching for that ‘elusive’ universal complexion. But it doesn’t have to be that elusive. With three easy steps and the right products, your even skin tone is completely attainable! 

But before we jump into these steps and the products designed to assist skin tone, let’s get a few of the basics covered.
What is ‘uneven skin tone’? 

Uneven skin tone typically refers to hyperpigmentation which includes blotchiness or patches of skin that are a darker shade than your usual complexion. But it is also commonly used to describe facial inflammation, redness and an uneven texture of the skin. Basically, uneven skin tone means that there is not one even, universal shade across your face. And it’s incredibly common! 
What causes uneven skin tone? 

There are quite a few culprits responsible for uneven skin tone. From hormonal changes such as melasma (which is commonly experienced during pregnancy), ageing which causes spots, lack of sleep which causes dark circles, pollution that can penetrate the skin and cause brown spots, and, sun exposure which can cause age spots or brown spots as a result of melanin production – there’s not many of us that will get through life with perfectly even skin! 
As with most things in life they say prevention is the best cure, so it should go without saying that while you’re soaking in our three steps to even skin, your skin is busy soaking in sunscreen too (at least, from this day forward)! But seeing as none of us had this advice at two years old, let’s get into the routine shall we?! 
Step one: Exfoliate 

It may seem obvious for all skincare routines, but any routine aiming to even out skin tone should especially involve exfoliation for two good reasons. One, exfoliation clears dead skin cells and encourages cell turnover which helps to even out skin tone itself by improving the appearance of discolourations. And two, exfoliation prepares your skin to better absorb the treatments designed to assist an uneven skin tone too! Win win. 

Just be careful not to over exfoliate as this can cause blemishes and contribute to the cycle of uneven skin tone. 

Exfoliate for your skin type: 

  • Dry or balanced skin: Aim to exfoliate once per week 
  • Combination or oily skin: Aim to exfoliate two – three times per week 

We recommend:  


Step two: Brighten 

Now that your skin is perfectly primed, your treatment products can penetrate the skin and work even better. Treat your skin with ingredients, including the gold-standard vitamin C, that work to brighten your complexion while diminishing the blotchiness, spots and redness that represent uneven skin tone. Start with a treatment mask and work your way through the likes of a toner, serum or lotion that is designed to address uneven skin. Pro tip: Follow our skincare layering guide to get the most out of your treatment and products. 

We recommend: 

Note: Use products that are suitable to your skin type 
Step three: Hydrate 

With your treatments complete, now it’s time to seal the deal and combat dryness and dehydration (that can cause dullness) with a brightening moisturiser – because as we know by now, anything that brightens will also assist to create an even skin tone too! 

We recommend: 


Remember that with varying skin types and conditions, individual results will tend to vary. It’s also important to consider – 

  • How long you’re using each product (results from vitamin C, for example, can take up to two and a half months) 
  • How much product you’re using
  • How exfoliated your skin is before applying your product, and, 
  • How you’re layering your products à la skincare layering 

Here’s to your confidence, naturally!