The hype on hyaluronic acid

Whether you’re new to the world of skincare or you consider yourself an ingredient aficionado, you likely know that keeping your skin hydrated is important! Not only does hydrated skin give you that natural glow we all crave, but it also helps to plump fine lines and wrinkles for more youthful looking skin, regulate oil production which assists with minimising breakouts, and maintain a strong skin barrier which assists to prevent sensitised skin and breakouts too. Phew!

And what better ingredient to deliver upon hydration, than hyaluronic acid?! Discover why hyaluronic is worth its hype and some.

What’s hyaluronic acid?

First things first, hyaluronic acid is a substance that is found naturally within our skin and joints. Within our bodies, hyaluronic acid works by binding water together between cells.

When used in skincare, hyaluronic acid is classified as a ‘humectant’, meaning it draws moisture from its environment to hydrate the surface layers of your skin – and this is one of the most effective ways to hydrate your skin. What really makes hyaluronic acid a standout ingredient is its ability to hold a large amount of water. One gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to six litres of water, which is why it’s one of the most powerful single ingredients for skin hydration. Side note: This is definitely the type of water retention we can get around!

Why do we need hyaluronic acid?

Because it is found naturally in our skin and joints, our bodies are already working to replenish hyaluronic acid, helping us to maintain a hydrated, radiant and plump complexion. However, for most people, the existence of hyaluronic acid naturally in our bodies is not enough to prevent the feeling and appearance of dry skin.

Not to mention that over time our body’s stores of hyaluronic acid decline. Maturing is one reason, but environmental factors such as lifestyle and air pollution accelerate this decline which is not ideal! This is why products that contain hyaluronic acid are recommended in every skincare routine – whether you use a couple of key products or you love to skincare layer like a pro.

What are the benefits of hyaluronic acid?

Quick recap here: As hyaluronic acid draws moisture from its environment to hydrate the surface layers of the skin, this hydration assists with a more radiant and plump complexion, while regulating oiliness and a healthy skin barrier (note: a healthy skin barrier assists to minimise skin sensitivities, bacteria build up and breakouts).

So if you are experiencing a dull, dry or rough complexion, fine line and wrinkles, oiliness or a compromised skin barrier (including skin sensitivities and breakouts), here are some of our favourite RAWKANVAS products to deliver hyaluronic acid and it’s many benefits across many steps within your routine.

Pro tip: As hyaluronic acid draws moisture from its environment, it’s best to apply your products on already moistened skin, allowing the hyaluronic acid to draw from a source of moisture and therefore increase the effectiveness of your skincare products, not to mention, your visible results! Read all about it here.