Streamline Your Skincare Routine With Multi-Taskers

When it comes to keeping a streamlined skincare routine, there's a few things we know for sure. One, less is more. Two, time is important. And three, skincare is an investment. So it goes without saying, the more steps you can combine into one, the better! Multi-tasking products offer the ability to address multiple skin goals, while offering time and wallet-saving convenience too!

Let's breakdown what multi-tasking skincare products are, and why they're so important in streamlining your routine.

What are multi-tasking skincare products?

As simple as it sounds, multi-tasking skincare products are products that perform multiple functions and assist multiple skin goals. These products can range from brightening, moisturising and protecting your skin, to reducing fine lines and wrinkles and even assisting with breakouts too. By combining multiple functions in one, you can effectively care for your skin and streamline your routine too (saving you time and money).

Why are multi-tasking skincare products important?

  1. They save time, effort and money

As pointed out, the most obvious benefit of multi-tasking skincare products comes down to how much time, effort and money they save you. By combining multiple steps in one, your skincare routine is quicker, it's easier, and you save big on buying up multiple products to essentially do the same thing

  1. They're results-driven

Multi-tasking skincare products are designed to address multiple skin goals, which is a comprehensive approach to common skin concerns. They're formulated with targeted and balanced ingredients, to garner real results

  1. They're convenient for travel

If you're someone who's on the go, you'll know that less is absolutely more when it comes to packing! By having a single product to address multiple skin goals, you can pack less while still nailing your routine

How to choose multi-tasking skincare products

Picking your best multi-tasking skincare products is easy.

  1. Know your skin type

Whether it's dry, oily, combination, sensitive or maturing, it's important to use products that are developed to maintain balance and health specific to your skins characteristics

  1. Read the Label

Ingredients are always present on a product's packaging, so take a minute to review the list in front of you. Look for products that contain ingredients that will address your specific skin goals. For example, if you have breakout-prone skin, look for products that contain salicylic acid, AHA's, BHA's or even vitamin A. If you have dehydrated skin, look for products that contain hyaluronic acid

3. Read the reviews

Look for products that have received a high number of positive reviews, and a high rating. Customers that take the time to leave lengthy reviews are pleased with their results!

Get to know our multi-tasking products

As you can gather by now, we're into multi-taskers, so we have a few!

  • Luminosity: If your goal is to address the likes of pigmentation and sun spots, but you're also breakout-prone too, this one is for you! Niacinamide (vitamin B3) works to assist pigmentation for a more even-looking, brighter complexion, while probiotics and arrowroot help to minimise redness, inflammation and breakouts
  • Canvas: Breakout-prone and dehydrated? With fruit enzymes and willow bark, Canvas helps to remove dead skin cells and debris that cause congestion and breakouts, for cleaner, smoother skin. It can also help to boost collagen and hydration for plumper, hydrated skin too
  • Harmony: Not only is Harmony a great toner to boost hydration and radiance, but it also doubles up as a great mist to moisten skin between skincare steps when skincare layering (misting and moistening skin before applying skincare helps products to absorb properly, and assists in the prevention of skincare pilling). It's also a great travel accessory to pop in your bag and keep your skin hydrated while you're on the go
  • The Limelight: When you need a daily moisturiser and you're breakout-prone, this one is perfect for you! Rosehip oil and hyaluronic acid soften and retain moisture in the skin, while probiotics assist to minimise redness, inflammation and breakouts too. With low levels of oil and all the plumping goodness, The Limelight also works as a great moisturiser base before makeup application
  • The Foundation: It's not often that you find vitamin C and vitamin A together, but when you do, you know it's good! Strengthen the fight against dull-looking skin and pigmentation with both vitamins C and A, while vitamin A also brings a range of benefits to the party. It assists with everything from fine lines and wrinkles, cell turnover, scarring and wrinkles to name a few. Because it covers almost every skin goal you could have, it's a powerhouse product that deserves a place in pretty much every routine!
  • Yester Youth: How good is it when your favourite regenerating oil can also be used as a highlighter? With just a drop or two of Yester Youth during the day, you can head out with a natural-looking, no makeup glow and illuminated cheekbone highlights. Use in the PM for your usual regenerative goals
  • Luscious: As Luscious is a balm formulation, it can be used in a HEAP of extra ways! We're talking a use-it-wherever-you-need-it balm. Apply to cheeks for full and dewy look, apply to upper cheekbones as a highlighter, apply to eyelids for a subtle glow, apply to inner eyes as a youthful illuminator, use as a cuticle treatment for dry nails, hydrate rough patches of skin, use as a protective treatment for scabs or cuts to help them heal, use as an eye makeup remover... I mean, the list goes on!
  • Remedy: When your nourishing body oil can also be used as a hair oil, you're onto a winner! It's lightweight and super nourishing, so it works a treat on your skin and it won't weigh down your strands either

Multi-tasking skincare products are cementing their way into skincare routines everywhere, for good reason. So understand your skin type and goals, read the label and reviews, and you're on your way to saving yourself time, effort and money while achieving results too!

Image credit: @phoeberosemua