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Laura Henshaw’s top skincare picks for confidence

She literally created the app on health and wellness, so it’s no wonder why Laura Henshaw has a love for self-care, and a confidence-infused beauty philosophy.  

Co-creator of ‘Keep it Cleaner’, an app that acts as a hub for fitness and wellness for everybody and every body, Laura shares with us how she implements self-care and keeps her skin happy and healthy too! Because, going into her thirties, Laura’s approach and perception of beauty has changed. 

“I used to be all about covering everything I could on my face, but I have really stripped this back as I feel the most confident, when I look like me.” 

Believing that beauty starts within and owning who you are – bravo! 

Let’s see just what Laura does to inspire such unapologetic confidence, shall we?! Here’s her top skincare picks and routine. 
Laura’s skincare routine 

Laura describes her skin as being on the drier side, so there’s no surprise when she says “opting for really hydrating skincare products is a top priority”.

1. Double cleanse 

As the first step in everyone’s routine, Laura cleanses. But not just once, twice. Firstly, with an oil-based cleanser and secondly, with Purified: Purifying Cleanser, a gel-based cleanser. The first step draws out oil-based impurities (oil absorbs oil) such as sebum, SPF, makeup and everyday pollutants. The second cleanse then cleanses away water-based debris such as sweat and daily dirt.

2. Mask

Everyone needs a set masking day! Laura’s is on Sunday – when she’s feeling more energised and has more time to self-indulge. Her current mask routine rotates between three products, depending on what she would feel her skin needs at the time. These are: 

When she feels like giving her skin some extra TLC, pampering herself with a facial massage using the Rose Quartz Face Massager is her go to! 

A perfect Sunday filled with at-home treatments – we love the sound of bringing the salon experience to your own home!

3. Serum 

Laura’s favourite skincare vitamins are B and C. Applying these daily during her morning skincare routine. “I find they both make a big difference to how my skin feels and looks throughout the day.” Eternal: Plumping Deep Sea Collagen & Malachite Serum contains both vitamins for one super easy application!  

  • Vitamin C to brighten, even out skin tone and protect 
  • Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) to improve the overall appearance of skin and minimise the appearance of pigmentation 

4. Moisturiser

Opting for maximised hydration – Laura's favourite moisturiser is The Limelight: Brightening Probiotic Lotion. Formulated with the powerhouse ingredients hyaluronic acid, probiotics, vitamin C and rosehip oil, this moisturiser really packs a punch and revitalises dry skin ASAP. “It is so hydrating and leaves my skin feeling super soft afterwards. I always wake up with super hydrated skin – which I love!”. 
When asked, “What does confidence mean to you?” She replied simply, 

“Confidence to me, means feeling comfortable in my own skin and knowing that just as I am right now – I am worthy of love and acceptance in my life.” 

So there you have it! Laura’s easy-to-follow routine for natural confidence. We hope you feel worthy of love and natural confidence today, and every day.