How to Choose Products That Will Actually Benefit Your Skin

With so many skincare brands and products out there, it's hard to know which ones will actually work for your skin. And with time, budget and skincare goals aside, your skin actually plays a vital role in protecting you from environmental stressors and keeping you healthy... so it's pretty important to find the right skincare. Let's explore why skincare quality matters, and ways in which to find your best products.

Skincare Quality

When it comes to skincare formulations, not all products are created equal. Ingredient type (natural, vegan, synthetic), ingredient percentages and fragrances can all contribute to a product's quality, and using low-quality products can actually harm your skin. Products with harsh chemicals (like alcohol), artificial fragrances and synthetic preservatives can strip your skin of its natural oils and cause irritation to your skin barrier too. 

So it's important to look for skincare with nourishing and effective high-quality ingredients. Hyaluronic acid, ceramides and retinol can help to hydrate, plump and smooth skin, while vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin E can brighten your skin, boost collagen and protect your skin from environmental aggressors too.

How to find your best products

Know your skin type: It really does all start with knowing your skin type. Whether it's dry, oily, combination, sensitive or maturing, it's important to use products that are developed to maintain balance and health specific to your skins characteristics. 

Read the label: Ingredients are always present on a product's packaging, so take a minute to review the list in front of you. Avoid products that list harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances and synthetic preservatives, and look for nourishing, high-quality natural ingredients instead.

Learn about the brand: Get to know a brand and it's values easily by reviewing their website. Brands that are committed to sustainability, transparency, inclusivity and quality are more likely to produce high-quality products that deliver results.

Read reviews: Look for products that have received a high number of positive reviews, and a high rating. Customers that take the time to leave lengthy reviews are loyal, pleased customers!

Consult a professional: If you have specific skin concerns such as breakouts, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, rosacea or eczema, to name a few, consult a dermatologist. They can help you select the right skincare products suited to your specific needs, and they can tailor you a skincare routine to follow too.

High-quality products are essential to healthy skin. And by following these really easy tips, you'll have no trouble finding the right products for you, while getting the results you deserve!