Embracing Nature: Why Natural Skincare Products Change in Colour, Scent and Texture

Should every skincare product be the same? In a world of beauty where consistency is not only valued, but expected, we think it's time to challenge the notion that every skincare product should be the same. Why? Because natural skincare products, with their stunning range of colours, scents and textures, are unique and worthy of celebration.

Let's explore why no two natural skincare products are the same, and the benefits that come with embracing nature and her variations.


What's the benefit of 'consistency'?

In our busy, mass-produced and consumer-driven beauty world we think it's important to take a step back and consider a couple of things. Does every skincare product actually need to be exactly the same? Is consistency actually an indicator of quality? Just like no two people or no two pieces of fruit (or anything in nature, for that matter) are the same, no two natural skincare products are the same. Variations in colour, scent and texture are a sign of authenticity and freshness that are worthy of celebrating (and shouting from the hilltops!).


Why do natural products vary?

As the word 'natural' suggests, natural skincare products derive their ingredients from nature, and this is where seasonal harvesting comes into play. Just as two apples picked from the same tree, at the same time, can differ in shape, colour and taste... natural ingredients harvested in different seasons can produce further variations too. These changes in colour, scent and texture are a completely natural occurrence and they're a testament to the purity and authenticity of the ingredients.


If a natural product varies, does the formulation change too?

While natural skincare products may exhibit differences in colour, scent and texture (much of which are subjective to each individual's perception), it's important to understand that the formulation never changes. The same carefully crafted formulation is used for every boutique, hand-made batch, ensuring the efficacy and the benefits of the product are never compromised. So even if the colour, scent or consistency seems different, rest assured, the effectiveness and the results you've come to expect from the product remain the same!


What are the benefits of natural ingredients?

We've talked about celebrating natural ingredients for their unique scent, colour and texture variations, but we haven't even got to the best part, their benefits! Natural ingredients are considered a healthy alternative to synthetic products, and some of their benefits include:

  • Gentle and non-irritating: Natural skincare ingredients are often milder and gentler compared to their synthetic counterparts. They are less likely to cause irritation, redness and sensitive reactions
  • Nourishing and nutrient-rich: Natural ingredients are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that provide nourishment and promote healthy skin
  • Skin compatibility: What could be more compatible for skin, than nature itself? Natural ingredients work in harmony with the skin, allowing for better absorption
  • Environmentally-friendly: Typically derived from plants, herbs, fruits, flowers and other natural sources, natural ingredients are free from harmful chemicals, toxins, petroleum based colours and synthetic fragrances that can be harsh on the skin and the environment
  • Freshness: Boutique batches of natural products harness the freshness and uniqueness of seasonal ingredients, delivering a truly sensorial and unique experience


By challenging the need for consistency we open ourselves up to a truly sensorial and unique skincare experience. An experience with ingredients that are gentle, nutrient-rich and fresh. Remember, the efficacy of natural skincare products remains unchanged, regardless of variations in colour, scent or consistency. So, what's not to celebrate?