All you need to know about fine lines and wrinkles

Not all fine line and wrinkles are created the same. Some are caused by smiling, squinting, maturing, sunshine and even sleeping (how dare beauty sleep betray us like this!)… and that’s ok! Because our skin doesn’t define us, it tells a story about who we are and where we’ve been… and we think that smiling, sunshine, living longer and getting some zzz’s are all signs of a life well lived, right?!

Whether there’s a few you’d like to smooth out or some you’d like to find endearing – whatever makes you feel most confident – we explore the different types of fine lines and wrinkles for you below.

Expression wrinkles

Just as the name suggests, expression wrinkles are simply caused by making the same expressions repeatedly. Unlike muscles anywhere else in the body, our facial muscles attach directly to the skin and this repeated action of muscle movement causes fine lines and wrinkles. Think smiling lines, frown lines and crows feet. Unless we decide to stop smiling, moving and maturing, there’s not much to prevent these fine lines and wrinkles from occurring so we like to think of these ones as art rather than imperfection!

But if you’re hoping to improve upon the likes of crows feet, we recommend looking at Epiphany: Firming Caffeine Eye Serum to assist with smoothing fine lines topically, supporting collagen production within the skin and delivering hydration to plump up fine lines too.

Elastotic wrinkles

These are caused by a loss of elasticity within the skin and the primary culprit here is that giant orb in the sky – sun exposure! Seen on the likes of your cheeks and upper lip these crease lines can become permanent over time. But what we see here is the opportunity to prevent! Apart from the obvious – limiting sun exposure and wearing SPF daily – ensure you keep up a good skincare routine that works to resurface skin or replenish elasticity within the skin.

We recommend looking at:


Gravitational wrinkles

No prizes for guessing what gravitational wrinkles are! Caused by a loss of elasticity and collagen production within the skin, gravitational wrinkles are seen as sagging skin e.g. smile lines. To assist with this type of wrinkle you will want to keep up a good skincare routine that focuses on rebuilding elasticity and collagen production.

We recommend looking at:  


Compression wrinkles

We said it before and we’ll say it again… how dare our beauty sleep betray us! Compression wrinkles are simply wrinkles formed from your face or chest being compressed while you sleep. If you’re a side sleeper, the best thing to do to try to alleviate the formation of these wrinkles is to sleep on your back. But we all know we’re not in complete control of how we sleep, so for these wrinkles we’d recommend a consistent routine using products that rebuild skin elasticity and promote collagen product. Similar to gravitational wrinkles, these are:

Plus, Lustre which is specifically for those chest (aka decolletage) wrinkles:


Atrophic wrinkles

You know those lines on your forehead that appear when you lift your brows? These are atrophic wrinkles. Formed by a loss of elasticity, loss of collagen structure and the thinning of skin, these wrinkles are caused by good old maturing. While we cannot completely rewind the clock here, we can assist these wrinkles with a consistent routine of products that deliver hydration, rebuild skin elasticity and promote collagen production.

We recommend looking at:


So whether you decide to bid farewell to some fine lines and wrinkles or embrace the others, it all comes down to the more you know, right?!