We love to hear from our customers and their experiences. Many of you have told us of the remarkable difference RAWKANVAS has made to your skin and we thank you for becoming ambassadors and sharing your stories.


Jordan: Epiphany

Amy: Remedy

Anna: Luscious

Amy: Raw Infusion

Roxanne: Mini Collection

Rachelle: The Limelight

Jordy: Yesteryouth

Mel: Evening Pamper Package

Vanessa: Purified

Diana: Harmony

Amy: Epiphany

Jessie & Amy: Refined

Anastasia: Canvas

Maddy: The Limelight

Natalie: Refined

Jada: Luna Vitality

Portia: Harmony

Avalon: Limelight

Amy: The Limelight

Stacey: Sol

Ann: Yesteryouth & The Foundation 

Tammy: Evening Pamper Package

Holly: Harmony

Tamsin: Luminosity

Alisha: Canvas

Anastasia: Purified

Victoria: Polished

Jess: Refined

Meaghan: Yesteryouth

Amanda: The Foundation

Emma; Canvas

Irina: Purified

Lexie: The Day Essentials Package