"We" refers to RAWKANVAS.

"You" refers to the Brand Representative. 

1. Quality photos

Photos need to be clear, crisp, preferably in natural light and. Happy, creative and free spirit.

We don’t expect you to spend hours curating photos, in fact we much rather you integrate these in to your daily life and just take a selfie with the product (Ideas: selfie with product, a moment to yourself, using the product with baby near you, a girly session with your daughter).

2. Number of photographs/videos/posts

Post a minimum of one (1) RAWKANVAS post every second week on your Instagram account and one (1) RAWKANVAS Instagram story every week.

Please include three (3) selfies (if you want to have all selfies as your posts, we will be even happier because we love YOU with the product) and one (1) short unedited video of you using the products (taken with a mobile phone) during the 3 month term (12 weeks). If you don't feature videos on your Instagram feed, please supply the one (1) unedited video to us via email and simply post six (6) photos in total during the term. Six posts in total on your Instagram feed during the term.

Please email all photos and video to (raw images and edited) so RAWKANVAS can use them in our social media. We will always tag you.

PLEASE NOTE: We don’t expect you to spend hours curating photos, in fact we much rather you integrate these in to your life and just take an amazing selfie with the product. 

3. Time of Instagram post

RAWKANVAS ask that you please post the photos at times of high traffic on your account. Please let us know what time this usually is for you. The photos are to remain in your feed while you are contracted (3 months). You can of course leave them there longer if you wish.

4. Tagging

Tag us in the comments  and products (@rawkanvas) and on the photo and use the hashtags #rawkanvas on of your posts.

5. Description

RAWKANVAS encourage you to use “call to actions” in your descriptions to encourage discussion and engagement.

6. Terms

Three (3) months from the date of commencement.

7. Ending the Contract

RAWKANVAS have the right to withdraw you from the contract at anytime, without question or reason if RAWKANVAS find you are not abiding by the expectations and the terms and conditions. If for any reason you choose to or unable to fulfil your end of the contract, we will require all items to be paid in full to us at the early termination of contract. Once your contract is up, you are free to keep all products. 

8. Payment of goods where contract ends early

Goods will require full payment within seven (7) days if you are unable to adhere to our posting guidelines mentioned above. By accepting your role, you agree to adhere to the posting/image requirements. If payment is not received and you have broken the terms and conditions, a debt collector may be involved in recovering funds.

9. Sickness

RAWKANVAS understand that sometimes, sickness can happen. If this happens to you, please be transparent with us and explain why things may be delayed. Contact ASAP is required so we can discuss altering the posting guidelines to suit. If you are unable to post for a long period of time, payment of goods may be required.

10. Loyalty

RAWKANVAS want you to be part of our family and grow with us and be loyal to us. We know you might represent a few other brands at the moment however if you take on new stores that sell the similar items as we do please contact us in advance. We are happy to work along side similar brands, but we will need to check with the other business owners & companies if they share the same views as us.

Not expected but will make us love you more (if that is even possible): Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

11. Goods RAWKANVAS provides you

RAWKANVAS will provide  with a minimum of two (2) items over the term. If you are meeting our expectations and are going the extra mile by going aboe and beyond the minimum requirements, we may provide you with additional products.

12. Your Benefits (10% in store credit from each sale)

You will be provided with a discount code for your followers (10% off) and 10% of each sale you make using your code as in store credit to use on

We will provide you with a summary of the total amount in sales made using your code at the end of each month of the term of your contract (or earlier at your request).

We will issue you with a credit note at the end of each month of the term of your contract to utilise towards RAWKANVAS products. You may utilise each credit note individually, or combine all three (3) from each month to utilise. 

13. Discount on all products

Provide you with a discount code for 10% off all orders for a period of three (3) months while you are representing us.

RAWKANVAS has the right to use all photos without permission each time on our media and advertising platforms.

By accepting role you agree to the Terms & Conditions above.

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Date: ________________________________