Easter Egg Hunt Promo Terms & Conditions

1. Promotion runs from 6:00pm AEST, on Sunday 24 March 2024 until 6:00pm AEST, on Monday 25 March 2024)

Each word displayed is a unique discount code

2. Each discount code can be used once in total

3. Once a discount code is used, it will no longer work

4. All codes expire in 24 hours from 6:00pm AEST, on Sunday 24 March 2024 (therefore codes will expire at  6:00pm AEST, on Monday 25 March 2024) 

5. The 100% discount codes have a $200AUD maximum purchase

6. If you abandon one discount code, it may be used in the meantime by another customer

7. One code per person, per order. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount code, rewards or promotion