Your skincare guide for pregnancy

Your skincare guide for pregnancy

Pregnancy – what a blessed time to experience the power of mother nature! A time where you’re filled with happiness and joy, while your body is creating life and going through many changes. We’re sure that with pregnancy you will have a new found curiosity into all things skincare and self-care. So, here’s our top tips to help your journey.


Knowledge is power

When it comes to skincare, particularly during pregnancy, getting clued up is key! We suggest brushing up on the basics and using that knowledge to do a simple stocktake of your current products at home. To get you started, here’s a list of ingredients to avoid during pregnancy –

Vitamin A (retinol) – During pregnancy there are hormonal changes occurring that enhance sensitivity to UV rays and heighten skin conditions such as pigmentation. Given that vitamin A is responsible for increasing cell turnover, it also increases skin sensitivity to UV exposure and pigmentation. This is a double negative best avoided for the time-being! There are also studies on the impact of vitamin A during pregnancy that evoke caution to the health of your baby – we encourage you to do your research. At RAWKANVAS, we would not advise you to use our product The Foundation during your pregnancy (you can add it to your skincare routine later, we promise!).

Other notable ingredients to avoid include parabens, phthalates, beta hydroxyl acids, hydroquinone, diethanolamine and chemical sunscreens. It is always best to do your research and consult with your health professional to make your decisions.

Know that your skin will change, and know what to do!

While your body is busy creating life, your hormones are also hard at work. While this may leave you with an envious, radiant ‘glow’, you may also suffer a flare up of skin conditions even if you haven’t dealt with these in the past. You’re incredibly busy during this time, with a million things to think of – so we’ll keep it simple! If you find yourself with one of the following, here’s what to do -

PigmentationPigment-stimulating hormones are on the rise while pregnant which can contribute to discolouration (melasma) showing in your complexion. If this occurs, we suggest The Limelight: Brightening Probiotic Lotion. Not only does The Limelight assist to hydrate skin, but ingredients Bearberry, Kakadu Plum and Lemon Aspen collectively play a role in brightening and evening out the overall complexion.

Hormonal acne – Many women experience hormonal acne during pregnancy, even if they didn’t experience hormonal acne in their younger years. This is thanks to an increase in hormones, increase in oil production and even anxiety and worry. Hormonal acne typically presents itself on the bottom half of the face covering the cheeks, chin and jawline. If you find yourself here, we suggest two things – Purified: Purifying Cleanser and The Limelight: Brightening Probiotic Lotion (as above!).

Purified is a gentle, gel cleanser to clarify and moisturise your skin. We suggest this product especially as it can reduce redness and regulate your skin’s oil production by gently removing excess oil. A gentle product is important to avoid unnecessary irritation, while removing excess oil without causing the skin to react in overdrive. Green Tea will also help to soothe and calm your breakouts.

Dry skin – Hormones will encourage some women’s skin to become oilier, however on the other end of the spectrum some women may experience dry skin. This is because your bub is gaining first dibs on the hydration in your body! Then your vital organs gain their share and your skin ends up last in line! So, hydration is absolute key! Drink water. Consume fruits and vegetables that are high in water content. To address the skin directly we suggest Luna Vitality: Restoring Moisture Cream or Yesteryouth: Regenerating Facial Oil.

            Luna Vitality is the perfect combination of butters (cocoa and shea) and oils (coconut, camellia and jojoba) to assist in hydrating, softening and restoring your skin to feel smooth and plump. Plus, with hyaluronic acid (a naturally-occurring humectant) moisture is locked in and retained within the skin.

            Yesteryouth is a lightweight facial oil that assists to regenerate, soften and revitalise skin for a glowing complexion (without the clogged pores). With camellia, jojoba and rosehip oils this is the perfect addition to apply after Luna Vitality, to further provide and lock in that vital moisture.


Remember, this is a glorious time and you have many things to focus on. Keep it simple and take care of yourself and your baby! You should always consult a health professional for in-depth research and advice.