Hemp Oil: The Go-To REMEDY Here To Stay

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Every other day it seems there is a new go-to fad in skincare and health… but we’d like to reintroduce you to a particular ingredient that’s been around for a while, and is here to stay - Hemp Oil. Hemp, sounds familiar right? It’s nothing new, in fact it’s been quietly, patiently waiting in nature’s sidelines to be the IT ingredient while society and modern-day studies caught up to proclaim it acceptable for common use with science-backed benefits.

And so it goes, the more we heard about Hemp Oil, and the more we learnt about it, we knew we HAD to have it in our skincare collection. Here at RAWKANVAS we’re all about the body and mind connection, so it was a no-brainer! Utilising Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed & Flower Oils as the hero ingredients, we concocted our own formulation to bring you REMEDY. Aptly named, if we can say so ourselves (and we will), to reflect the beneficial cause to your BODY and MIND alike!

Nowadays, we’re all so stressed out trying to achieve the perfect balance of earning a living, making time for our loved ones and practicing self care, that our body’s and minds are inflamed and exhausted. Symptoms of such stress in the mind affects the body and the skin. And that’s where REMEDY comes in to save the day, with minimal effort required on your part! At the wind down of a big day, it’s here at home waiting to soothe you in more ways than one, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed & Flower Oils can assist you in the following ways: 

Body & Skin

  • Hemp seed oil is highly nutritious and packed with vitamins and essential fatty acid that may help to keep the skin healthy while protecting it from inflammation, oxidation and other known causes of ageing
  • The high volume of essential fatty acids makes it the perfect ingredient for nourishing the skin
  • When applied topically, the oil is believed to actually strengthen the skin (which can help prevent infections entering the outer skin layers)


  • Packed with mycrene and caryophyllene, hemp oil can act as a muscle relaxant that can also help to relax your body and clear your mind while fighting inflammation
As a unique solution for calming the body and mind alike, I think we can all agree that hemp oil is here to stay, and so is REMEDY for that matter!

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